Perfect golf swing - your sixth sense

svving trains your sixth sense. It enhances your body awareness and ensures that you no longer evaluate your swing but that you really feel it.

How exactly? By svving shifting your attention to where all of your energy is: your core.

Use svving now for many different ways and exercises that will help you optimise your training.

Below you can find classic exercises from swing training. These allow you to visualise your orientation, rotation, and the level of your swing in real time. You will also be able to control this from your hip.

Full Rotation

Control your hip movement all the way through, from the beginning to the end of the swing.

Perfect swing plane

Optimise your hip tilt and very deliberately register when your arms set off on their own trajectory.

Exact Alignment

Consciously aim with your body and control your alignment before and after the swing.

Improve your smash factor, golf with svving – here's how it works...


Click the stick into the mount of your svving trainer.


Position both at the centre of the front side, at the height of your belt.


Slide the mount into the inside of your trouser or skirt waistband.


Check for a tight fit, vary the position of the stick depending on the training.

Golf training tool: svving training exercises for your golf swing

Training #1: Alignment

Aim, see, and understand: With this training, focus is placed on aiming with your entire body. To not only consistently align your hip to the target, but also keep it aligned. Even the smallest change to the position of your foot directly affects the alignment of your hips – and with it the accuracy of your strokes. The end of the stick comes with a convenient sighting function to help you precisely determine the correct position of your feet and hips. This has sensational effects on your accuracy. You’re all set for the perfect swing – in every way, shape, and form.

Training #2: Rotation

This training session will help you develop a sense of awareness for the rotation of your hips. The stick is fixed centrally on the mount.
In the next step, move into the basic position without a club and gently twist your hips backwards and forwards, in exactly the same way as you would with a swing. As soon as the ends of the stick start drawing small circles, your rotation is spot on. The trick is to maintain these circles when using your club as well.
You can only draw correct conclusions after everything you work on during your training session is the result of a clean core position.

Training #3: Swing plane

Timing is everything when it comes to your swing: Do your arms do as you please or does the club consistently follow the movement of the hips? This exercise will help you find out, by illustrating the relationship between the stick and the club. If svving follows your hands at a consistent distance, this is a sign of perfect timing – and the movements are carried out synchronously.

Read about how to use svving

You would like to get even more information about what else svving is able to do and how you can use it safely? In our manual, you will find additional information regarding the most common training methods with svving. You will learn about correct balancing and what you can do to keep safe during training, as well as what you should definitely bear in mind in order to keep others safe.

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