Our mission, for you and the
most beautiful sport in the world.

At svving, we’ve made it our mission to inspire as many people as possible to embrace the ease of good golf training. That’s why we develop smart, innovative solutions that combine ambitious training with simplicity, clarity and fun – and with which you can continue to grow every day.

A good tool becomes more valuable with each use.

Whatever training your future holds: svving will never stop making the subtleties of your movements tangible. That’s why you will never stop consulting it for advice.

The new partner at your side

Experience how svving uses your momentum to find your new core and enjoy the bundled dynamics – even if the fine tuning could still be tweaked here and there.

Training using hands and feet

svving will help you connect your new hip movements step-by-step with the movements of the rest of your body.

Simply put into action what svving tells you – and the arms and legs practically sort themselves out. As a result, you will recognise the impact of your hip movement in an increasingly differentiated way.

From the tool to the instrument

The more often you use svving, the more natural and creative your use of it will become.

As you gain awareness of your body’s core, use it as needed – expand
your training methods, use the newly gained perspective,
thus becoming insensitive to all types of disturbances.

Always at your side

As long as you continue to develop as a golfer, svving will remain your reliable companion while consistently, but unobtrusively, continuing to remind you that you cannot ignore your core, because you form every swing from the core.

svving works as well as it does because all motions are logically dependent on the centre of the motion. Less distraction while keeping full control.

The hip is literally the pivotal point of the swing motion. If you feel it, you can control it. And if you consciously control it, everything else is simple.

Pros and coaches know: a controlled core is the vital key to success; use svving to continually rise above yourself.

svving doesn’t divert your attention with additional metrics or advice, but guides you back to where your swing motion is impacted the most: your core.

Why have we developed svving? To help you improve your golfing skills and, of course, enjoy your game

THE tool for THE method

Experienced golfers and coaches across the world know and appreciate the benefits of training with alignment sticks as diverse and highly effective training tools. The method was also previously renowned for improvised mounts, slipping sticks, and torn belt loops. Until now! With svving, you finally find the mount your swing training deserves. svving is simple enough for everyday use and universal enough for a range of training situations. From beginners to pros, from “Range” to “Green” – and it fits inside every pocket.

Continuous improvements

Whether you’re teeing up for your very first swing or have already hit the 100,000 mark: svving reliably shows you what your otherwise hidden hips are doing. Never train without involving your core again and see how your swing improves with each passing day – from the rough motion down to the tiniest details. And the best thing is: svving even helps you if you already master the swing. It’s the perfect tool to not only recognise your best swings but also helps you replicate them. Because you’re the best judge of your own swings.

Always ready to go

Trolley, balls, 14 clubs: there’s no need to make the most beautiful game even more cumbersome. That’s why, when developing svving, we wanted to create a true pocket trainer, that fits in any golf bag and accompanies you wherever you go, without any extra effort. Whether you use svving as a fixture of your training and video analysis sessions or spontaneously, outside of training, to for targeted correction on the golf course. This will help you avoid any unnecessary disappointment after a poor performance – regain your focus and get back to it.

Your sixth svving

The direction of the wind, surface conditions, tilt, swing trail, timing: when facing such a flood of information, it’s easy to lose sight of your hips. However, as soon as you forget your core, you also lose awareness for the circularity of your motion, and start finding incorrect or incomplete answers during your training. That’s why svving directs all your attention back to the core. If you learn how to perceive and control your core, your club head and accuracy will naturally follow.

Start professionalising your game now